A large part of any girl’s prom is selection of prom hairstyles. You can get vast selection of prom hairstyles according to the length of your hairs but whatever you choose for your prom event, it must be according to your personality and you must feel comfortable in it.
Today’s most popular prom hair styles are luscious curls along with medium length hairs as they will give you a perfect feminine look. If you are selecting any hairstyle for your prom event then it is better to select your prom dress first as your hairstyle should be according to your dress.
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 if you have long hairs then you will have many styles to choose from like ponytails, buns, braids, chignons and layered styles but it does not mean that short length of hairs limit your styles though short hairstyles for prom event are less fancy but if you want to carry any of the long hairstyle then you need not to grow your hairs to longer length as hair extensions available in market have solved this problem. Following four steps should be kept in mind if you are choosing your hairstyle. Your face shape is at top priority for your hairstyle. Every hairstyle is not suitable for every face shape.
prom hairstyles
For example if you have long face then updo hairstyles 2013 are not for you and you have to avoid all such hairstyles in which you have to tie all your hairs back away from your face. Next step which must be considered while choosing any hairstyle is your hair type as whether your hair are straight or wavy, thick or thin. It is better to choose such a hairstyle which encourages natural tendencies of your hair.
prom hairstyles
Straight hairs are mostly soft, fine and oily so it is better to shampoo your hair everyday and condition once in a week to avoid heavy shaft. Wavy hairs are neither oily nor dry so you can shampoo your hairs daily or after one day as you like. Another step which helps in determining a suitable hairstyle is your personality.
prom hairstyles
Your hairstyle should enhance your personality. A girl who tends to be casual during the day will be very conscious in wearing an updo hairstyle with preps and products. So you must feel comfortable in your hairstyle. Your body type is another factor which should be kept in mind while choosing any hairstyle for prom event.
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